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Industry Experience

The average CPP™ has over 22 years of field experience

UPS Experience

Minimum of 5 years OEM level training or equivalent

Battery Experience

Over 5 years of battery and DC experience

Classroom Training

The CPP™ program requires 250 hours of classroom training

Experience you want

Designation and credentialing program was designed to:

Create a level of consistency and quality throughout the critical power industry that consumers can rely on.

Provide a structured, organized, and disciplined growth path for those individuals pursuing a career as a Field Service Engineer working in the critical power industry.

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Powered by Nationwide Power™

CPP™ is powered by Nationwide Power™, the leading independent provider in the critical power industry. Nationwide Power™ has invested significantly over the years in both its employees and training program. The CPP™ credentialing program formalizes much of what Nationwide Power™ already delivers, while also challenging the critical power industry to raise their standards in terms of consistency, security, and quality.

I have worked for OEM’s and independent service organizations in the UPS and critical power service industry since 1980. Some organizations offer UPS specific training to their field engineers. Nationwide Power™ has invested in and created a credentialed program that goes beyond service training, which builds on critical power and infrastructure experience, along with industry requirements and standards.

The Critical Power Professional™ (CPP™) program covers the aspects of working at client facilities and operating within the highest industry standards, to provide a safe and professional approach to completing the required tasks.

A field engineer that has passed the CPP™ program will provide the highest level of service and experience possible in the critical power industry today.

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Joseph Stamper
Critical Power Professional™

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